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Looking Pet sitting service near Melbourne, VIC , price range A$ 1-200
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Euginia  O profile picture

Euginia O

Dog sitter with 10+ years experience
Melbourne, VIC

0 km



I have always loved dogs and taking care of dogs (specifically small ones). I owned a 12 years old Shih Tzu and now, I have a 3-year-old toy poodle. I also had the opportunity of dog sitting for a few friends (some for only a few hours and others for a few weeks). I live in the city's central area, so it is convenient to walk your dogs to the park or garden or any other places that you request. I live in an apartment that has a small balcony. I look forward to caring for your fur babies!

Hyun Michelle  L profile picture

Hyun Michelle L

Don't worry about your little/big friend
Melbourne, VIC

0.18 km

(A$50 for additional pet)



Had few dogs when I was a kid and had a cat for 12 yrs, but I love all the animals not just cats and dogs, obviously ;) I just love them and care a lot about them

Diviya  P profile picture

Diviya P

Dog caregiver, Companion and cuddler :)
Melbourne, VIC

0.5 km

1 repeated guest



Ever since I moved to Melbourne, what I missed the most was looking after and sharing my life with my 5 pet dogs back home in India. I am a lawyer and an advanced post-graduate student at the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. Nothing makes me happier than a satisfied wag! I am available most of the day as I work online and would be more than happy to look after your pet like my own and give it all the love and care it deserves.

Ashley  L profile picture

Ashley L

Caring pet lover
Melbourne, VIC

0.51 km



I consider myself an animal lover as I do sincerely love animals. I personally own a Maltese dog who I cherish so much but sadly, I am no longer living in the same place as her. I think I am suitable to become a pet carer as I have experienced raising my own pet from her puppy days. Although it is challenging, I am always up for a furry friend.

Christian  H profile picture

Christian H

I spent 20 years of my life with animals
Melbourne, VIC

0.63 km



I grew up with animals and have a strong affinity towards them. My family has many pets (pig, dog, turtle, hamster, chicken, fish). So it's wonderful to be able to look after a pet.

ashlynn  c profile picture

ashlynn c

pawsitive and loving pet sitter to all!
Melbourne, VIC

0.69 km

(A$20 for additional pet)



I have been missing my two poodle babies back home in Malaysia ever since I've moved to Melbourne. I would love to take care and give your pets lots of love, loving them like my own! I am a dog lover since birth and have been around dogs for almost 12 years, you can count on me to look after and provide for your fur baby!

Chase  K profile picture

Chase K

Affectionate and professional pet lover
Fitzroy, VIC

0.7 km

(A$100 for additional pet)



I have over 30 years experience caring for pets. I grew up with them and have always gravitated towards animals anywhere I go- and they are too! Dogs and cats love me and more importantly trust me. I work from home currently so I have the pleasure of being able to be home with your pet while I work so they don't feel any separation anxiety. I would love to spend that time with your beautiful pet!

Corey  O profile picture

Corey O

Whatever your pet needs, I'll handle it.
Melbourne, VIC

0.76 km



Love animals, have previously done some animal studies, spent the last few years working in kitchens and now moving on to something I will really enjoy. I'll look after your pets as if they were my own, all are precious and members of the family and will be treated as such. I've had a few pets over my life, cats & dogs from German shep X Rottweilers to a little Maltese terrior. I'm a kind and calm person and that will be reflected to your pets so even the most anxious ones will have no problems.

Fei  L profile picture

Fei L

Caring and loving pets as my own child
Carlton, VIC

0.79 km

(A$30 for additional pet)



I do pretty love animals and I have my own Ragdoll cat for 2 years

Mónica  M profile picture

Mónica M

Pet lover, caring them for over 5 years
Melbourne, VIC

0.89 km



Business student and pet lover full time. Looking after pets over 5 years and I've had 2 beautiful dogs throughout my life. For me caring about pets is more than a job, is company that we give to each other.