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Floofers is a portal for Australia’s
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We are accredited by PIAA.

It’s time to stop worrying about pet care

As pet owners, it’s normal to get anxious over leaving our beloved pets with a pet carer.

With manual vetting, competitive rates, and a team that understands just how important good pet care is, Floofers aims to connect you with the most reliable pet carers in Australia.

Make pet care a wonderful experience for you and your pets!

The Team

Our Vision


Give pet owners the peace of mind that their pets are receiving the best care available


Provide pets with the care, love, and attention they deserve


For trustworthy pet carers to have a platform that is safe and offers top-notch support


  • FEB 2020

    Floofers founder Rohit searched for pet sitters for his pet dog Auggie but wasn’t too happy with the overall service

  • MAR-AUG 2020

    Rohit talked to over 200 pet owners on key criteria for booking pet carers for thorough market research

  • SEPT 2020

    Floofers was born! At first, it was just Rohit’s 14 years of business consulting experience and his pet Auggie’s unlimited cuddles

  • SEPT-DEC 2020

    A team was built to create a platform, mainly around tech, compliance and governance

  • JAN-MAR 2021

    The first iteration of the pet carer platform was built and went live

  • APR 2021

    Floofers received over 400 sign-ups in just five weeks from interested pet carers

  • MAY 2021

    The team was expanded to bring in CTO, CFO, CMO and Head of Operations. Positions for marketing, tech development & customer service were also filled

  • JUN-AUG 2021

    Due to pandemic lockdowns, the launch was postponed. To keep the momentum, a full rebranding effort was pushed through along with building additional platform features

  • AUG-NOV 2021

    Further refinement of customer service processes, tech build & compliance within the company

  • END OF 2021/EARLY 2022

    Platform launch! Floofers will start offering the best pet care services in Victoria

  • JAN-MAR 2022

    Expansion to the rest of the country

  • MAR 2022 - ∞

    Happy pets all around Australia receiving the best care possible from loving pet carers

Pet care
done properly

Our company is built on two important principles: reliability and care.
We focus on enlisting the most caring and most loving pet carers in all of Australia for pet owners to choose from.
Our vision is simple: feel safe and taken care of when booking a pet carer through Floofers every single time.

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